Fethiye is the perfect launching pad to explore the many tourist attractions and things to do along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. This harborside town is in a prime position for heading out to the surrounding beaches or going inland to discover the crumbling remnants of this region’s ancient Lycian culture.

If it’s all about location, Fethiye provides it all. The town itself is a prosperous but laid-back kind of place; just what you need to return to after a day’s hectic sightseeing of mighty rock-cut tombs and mountain-top, UNESCO-protected ruins or sunbathing bliss, boating, and paragliding action. Plan your trip with our list of the top things to do in Fethiye.

Tandem Paragliding over Oludeniz

Our number one on the list is Tandem Paragliding over Ölüdeniz. Tandem Paragliding became very popular due to it’s safety, easy setup and operate, smooth flying or extreme maneuvers up to your limits that you can handle and flying like a bird feeling that it gives you.

Ölüdeniz is very famous for paragliders because of the best weather conditions throughout the year for paragliding flights, awesome landscape and just on the spot mountain — Babadag 2000 metres right by the Mediterranean coastline. 

Fethiye Fish Market

The Fethiye Fish Market is definitely a local attraction that should not be missed if you come visit this lovely seaside town. It’s great for either lunch or dinner, offering two very different atmospheres.

If you are desperate to visit the fish market in Fethiye and you are with people who just don’t do seafood, it’s perfectly okay for them to buy meat from the butchers and pass it on to your chosen restaurant to cook. Some of the bigger restaurants also have a separate menu where you can order other non-seafood meals, including vegetarian dishes.

Ölüdeniz & Blue Lagoon

Ölüdeniz Beach; four kms of shingle and sand reach from east to west ending in a sand bar. From the main beach you can swim out just a few meters to survey the surrounding hills and watch the gliders dropping down to land. You can hire a canoe to paddle out watching the sea-bed. The sea shelves down quite fast. If you are looking for shallow warmer seas you should walk along to the lagoon. The lagoon is a UNESCO world heritage area and so there is a small entrance fee. The sand-bar stretching ahead fringed with pine and shrubs. Paddle, swim and snorkel in the lagoon’s warm waters. Hire a paddle-boat to explore alone or decide on some more strenuous water sports. You may just decide to spend the whole day here especially if you have young children, choosing a snack from the local buffet at lunch-time. Facilities include sunbeds and umbrellas, showers and toilet facilities, paragliding, water-sports, beach cafes and bars. The beach is kept immaculately clean by a polite team of workers.

Kumburunu is the name given to the end of the Ölüdeniz sandbar, which stands at the mouth of the Blue Lagoon. There is an entrance fee for visitors whose cars can park near the beach itself. A good buffet serves snacks and refreshments. There are sunbeds and umbrellas. The sand is fine and the waters are shallow. Water-sports such as ringo, banana and water-skiing are available most days. Canoes and paddle boats can be hired. There is good snorkeling if you swim across the entrance of the lagoon area to the rocks on the opposite verge.

Kayaköy - Greek Village

Kayaköy, also known as Ghost Town.

Up until the 1920s, Kayaköy (ancient Karmylassos), eight kilometers from Fethiye, had a thriving mixed population of Greeks and Turks who had lived together for centuries. The 1923 Population Exchange changed all of that, uprooting ethnic Greeks across Turkey and sending them to live in Greece and making ethnic Turks who lived in Greece abandon their lives there. The exchange created heartbreak and much trauma among those who were made to leave, and the somber results of this are no better seen than in Kayaköy.

The dilapidated, eerie stone village that snakes across the hillside here has been left to slowly decay since its Greek owners said goodbye. Among the ruins is the Katapongagia Church and Taxiarchis Church, which both still have some beautiful interior decoration.

Saklıkent - Hidden Valley

Saklıkent National Park, established on June 6, 1996, is a national park in southwestern Turkey. The national park is a canyon, and is located in Muğla Province, 50 km far from Fethiye.

The canyon is 300 m (980 ft) deep and 18 km (11 mi) long, being one of the deepest in the world. It was formed through abrasion of the rocks by flowing waters over thousands of years. As the level of water rises during winter months, visitors can enter the canyon all year around only the deeper parts in the summer. 4 km (2.5 mi) of the canyon are walkable after April, when most of the snow in the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through on its way to the Mediterranean Sea. Saklıkent means “hidden city” in Turkish. The full length of 16 km is only possible to discover with professional equipment and knowledge of advanced canyoning. Some adventure centers offer guided tours with an overnight Biwak camp and about 30 waterfalls to rappel.

Aminthas - Kaya Mezarları

The Tomb of Amyntas

Also known as the Fethiye Tomb, is an ancient Greek rock-hewn tomb at ancient Telmessos, in Lycia, currently in the district of Fethiye in Muğla Province.

Modern Fethiye is located on the site of the Ancient Greek city of Telmessos, with the Tomb of Amyntas located in the south side of the city in the mountainside, in the base of the mountain. The impressive looking tomb was built in 350 BC, and was named after the Greek inscription on the side of it which reads “Amyntou tou Ermagiou”, which translated to English means “Amyntas, son of Hermagios”.

Compared to many other tombs carved into mountainsides in the area, the interior of the Tomb of Amyntas is very spacious.

Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath “Hamam” in Fethiye

In Western Europe the Turkish bath as a means of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era. The process involved is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices. The history of the traditional bath or hamam extends back centuries but it is still as prevalent as ever! It’s never been seen as just a time to cleanse the skin, but is a total experience that occurs in a special atmosphere.

With this 2-hour visit to the Fethiye Haman you can experience the pleasures of a traditional Turkish bath. Here you can enjoy the sauna, peeling, foam massage, and oil massage – leaving your skin feeling amazing. This Turkish bath experience includes a sauna, foam massage, and aromatherapy oil massage. This full regime will make your body feel more fit, and your spirit feel more healthy.  For a cleansing spa experience in Fethiye, a Turkish bath at a hamam is perfect if you’re looking for a bit of calm and relaxation on your holiday. Indulge yourself with a body scrub and soap massage as you enjoy one of Turkey’s most unique and pleasurable traditions.


Babadag – Father Mountain

Babadag, part of the Taurus mountain range, translates as Father Mountain, this giant towers over the bay of Oludeniz and can be seen from the seaside town of Fethiye. Babadag is made up of two peaks that stand across from one another with a flood valley between them. The highest peak is 1,969 meters tall, while it’s sister is 1,400 meters tall, the steep mountain slopes are coated with thick forests hosting pine, cedar and strawberry trees. Rural villages sit in the foothills and an ancient Lycian road curves around its side.

Babadag is located a short distance from Fethiye in Mugla province, southwest Turkey, it has become famous as one of the best spots in the world for paragliding, with perfect thermal winds and an ideal location overlooking the gorgeous Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz and offering incomparable views along Turkey’s Turquoise Coastline. All year round it is common to see paragliders launch themselves from the majestic peak of Babadag and perform 360 degree spins over the glistening sea before drifting down to land next to Oludeniz beach. Tandem jumps with experienced guides are offered every day, weather dependent, and you can even request to have your picture taken as float about in the sky.

4×4’s and minibuses can climb the steep road to the peak of Babadag and paragliding excursions can be organised in Oludeniz or Fethiye, May to October are the best months for flying. If you like hiking then a 13-kilometre trail runs from the beach to the peak, even if you don’t plan to paraglide the view from the top of Babadag is well worth the climb. 

Tuesday Market

Fethiye Tuesday Market

Fethiye’s Tuesday market is a traditional market that has been providing a wide variety of items, from fresh local fruits and vegetables to clothing and home goods. This market has drawn both local people and visitors for many years with its reasonable prices and happy atmosphere. Set either side of a canal, near Fethiye’s marina offers a great place to begin exploring the town or taking a walk along the seafront.

Tuesday Fethiye market  in Turkey (bazaar) scatters under canvas tents on the banks of the river that runs along the central streets of Fethiye on a sharp turn to the sea. It attracts people for shopping in Fethiye not just from the neighborhood but probably from all around the Lycian coast. Plenty of fruits and vegetables of different varieties, luxury selection of olives both pickled and smoked, nuts, homemade cheeses and sweets, great variety of spices, rice, colored beans, lentils and other cereals – all this you can find visiting the largest market in the area – Tuesday Fethiye market from Oludeniz (there is no Oludeniz market by the way), Calis (it has marketplace itself, Calis market day is Sunday), Ovacik and Hisaronu (they have market themselves, Hisaronu market day is Monday).

The marketplace for manufactured goods is located behind the food market and it is not smaller in size. There are many textiles, towels, inexpensive but very decent clothes, souvenirs, shoes, bags etc. Like everything else in Fethiye the prices will please you, but do not forget to bargain.

Jeep Safari

Fethiye Jeep Safari

This activity is among the most challenging activities for adrenalin seekers. You can splash  water to your friends and explore the vicinity. The tours start after our meeting. The first destination is

Tlos Ancient City.

It is one of the oldest historic site of the vicinity. With a history dating back to 4000 years, Tlos is a seat  for many civilisations. The tombs which were carved 500 metres above from the bottom are noticed at first glance. Tlos which is a sport city of the Lycians, is also hosted as a seat to the Ottoman civilisation. After leaving Tlos,

Lunch in Yaka village…

We arrive at Yaka village which has many natural springs around. You will love the flowing streams and waterfalls among the rocks. After the lunch which includes trout fish, meatballs, salad and open buffet snacks, we set out to…


Saklıkent is one of the most significant canyons in the world. You can walk in the canyo which is eighteen kilometres in length and two hundred metres in height. Its atmosphere will deeply affect you.


Ringo raftings on Karaçay river are offered to you. Saklıkent rafting which is full of joy can be done by anyone from any age. The raceway with the accompany of the Professional guides takes about 35-40 minutes. At the end of the raceway, the mud bath will refresh your body. It contains high minerals and has no adverse effects.

Ölüdeniz Boat Tour

Ölüdeniz Boat Tour

If you are looking for different bays and beaches for a day out on boat, Oludeniz Boat Trip is the right trip for you. Jump on board and enjoy the sun shine and wind.

Get ready to be collected from your resort / hotel in the morning. We advise you to have your breakfast before pick up time. We will drive you to Oludeniz aka. Blue Lagoon (rated among the top 5 most beautiful beaches of the world, 15 km from Fethiye centre), to your traditional wooden Turkish Gulet. When all the customers arrive, we will start our tour of “Oludeniz Boat Trip”.

There will be 5 or 6 stops during the day and some of these places are only reachable by boat. It’s a natural cave with turquoise crystal waters. Next stop will be a visit to the famous Butterfly Valley. You may leave the boat and do a short hiking in the valley and visit the waterfall of the valley. If you are lucky, you can see some of the butterflies. There are hundreds of different types of butterflies in this amazing valley. If you prefer to swim, sandy beach of Butterfly Valley is waiting for you.

Later, our captain will take us the the historical church and the ruins of St. Nicholas Island. This island is known as the house of St. Nicholas or as everybody knows, “Santa Claus”. A perfect water will invite you for snorkeling here. There is a fresh water source leaking into sea around the island so you may find the water a bit refreshing in some spots.

On the way back to Oludeniz we will see and visit different bays and places. There will be lunch served on the boat, (barbecue) fish or chicken, pasta or rice, salad, mezzes and fresh fruits. We are sure that you’ll never forget this relaxing tour of Oludeniz Boat Trips.

Rafting in Dalaman

Dalaman Rafting

Rafting on Dalaman River is one of the most booked daily excursion in Fethiye area. The river has 3 to 4 rapid level. Rafting is an outdoor adventure sport and here in Dalaman river you will have a chance to turn this adventure sport into a great fun day out with our experienced and qualified guides and staff. They will help and guide you downstream on the boat and they will guarantee that you will get wet and have a wild adventure.

Tour will have two parts. After education and briefing you will do the first part of the rafting. After the lunch second part will start. There will be a group of people on each boat and a professional guide. You will row down the stream and sometimes let the flowing water take guide you on the river. After the tour you can buy photos and videos of the tour.

Dalyan Turtle Beach

Dalyan Turtle Beach

One of the best and unique beach in the world where the sea and river meet .
They called it turtle beach , closed daily at 8:00 pm so turtles have privacy .
Dalyan and Turtle beach is one of the few spots in the world where it’s natural beauty has remained unspoilt and no construction at all ,toilets and small restaurants are available.
Clean and Long Beach ( 4.5 km ) , water is clean and the Mountain View is unbelievable.
A must visit to enjoy the sun and the sands.  This is one of the few surviving places of paradise, an area of natural beauty and historical interest. Revive your skin in mud baths, enjoy a buffet lunch and relax on the beautiful turtle beach.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Ride a horse through the ghost villages of Kaya and surrounding mountains, or around the beautiful Oludeniz lagoon on our Horse Riding trip from Oludeniz. Suitable for the whole family.

The riding takes about three hours and starts from Hisarönü. Then we reach Kayaköy which is famous for its ancient Greek ruins, after riding among the pine trees for about one and half an hour. We give a pause for a cup of tea and pancake for twenty minutes.  Then we wander the old church and old houses (Levissi) and take photos of them. After that we ride back from the same route and complete the tour.

Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Fethiye and Oludeniz Turkey is your opportunity to explore the underwater world with its brilliant waters, colorful sponges, lace corals, charming caves and tunnels. You will be seeing barracudas, massive groupers, shrimps, dentex, eels, octopuses, starfish and Mediterranean morays as well as 3000 years old amphoras or maybe even caretta caretta turtle. Such Fethiye scuba diving destinations like Afkule Turkish Bath, Three Tunnels, Balaban Island, Aquarium Wall, Dalyan Bay, Sariyarlar, Sahun Burnu, Shrimps Cave are available on Oludeniz scuba diving in Fethiye. You will be taken to the Fethiye diving site by our double decked 22 meters long boat which has enough room for both divers and non-divers who can enjoy relaxing day on the boat snorkeling, swimming and sun bathing at bays where green meets blue.
All qualified scuba diving and snorkeling equipment is provided. All equipment is certified and tested in advance. Our skilled and professional instructors will make your underwater journey comfortable and unforgettable. During Oludeniz scuba diving in Fethiye you will be offered with two dives in a day at different locations with 25 meters or more underwater visibility. After the first dive you will have light lunch aboard. The PADI, CMAS and BSAC courses are available.